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Sodablasting is a high-pressure, air-driven and non-destructive method of cleaning and stripping paint from steel, fiberglass, aluminum, wood and other substrates using eco-friendly bicarbonate of soda. Removing multiple layers of old paint without harming the boat's substrate can be easily accomplished.



Advantages (BAKING SODA):

  • It will not harm glass, chrome, wiring, hoses, weather stripping, vinyl, and most plastics.
  • It is environmentally friendly and non-hazardous.
  • It's alkaline skin creates acid buffer to prevent rust that occurs after most blasting processes.
  • It does not etch or profile metal which leaves the car ready to paint immediately.
  • It cleans and de-coats in one step. There is no need to pre-clean grease or other contaminants, becasue it does it all in that one step.
  • It is non-sparking.
  • It leaves no residue problem in small passage ways. It dissolves right in water.
  • It replaces dangerous solvent.
  • If it is just an exterior re-paint and not a complete restoration, there is no need to remove any of the above items.


All soda blast residue must be removed before applyign any coatings to any part or surface. Surface removing of baking soda is amust and is accomplished with a clean soapy water rub and wash. A mixture of 20% vinegar is recommended in the wash water to neutralize the PH of the baking soda. When completed, there shouold not be any gritty or chalky residue left on any surface.


Advantages (GLASS):

  • In most cases, there is no need for a containment envelope.
  • Clean-up is minimal.
  • The disposal of hazardous materials is sometimes eliminated.
  • It takes half the time of soda blasting.
  • You also use less amterials than with soda blasting.


This type of blasting does not require a closed container, because it is dustless. It is faster along with creating less of a mess and using less materials. It is better used on metal, brick, and concrete due to how abbrasive it is.